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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sneaky Peeky # 2

So, I’m getting close to having most of these pieces finished, but I thought you might like to see another update before they are all wrapped up:


I’ve been waiting on a couple of shipments of antique beads to arrive so that I could finish some of the chains; they came in this week so I’m good to go,


and I’ve also got to get all the custom boxes finished so that each piece has a snazzy place to call home.


I’m hoping to get most everything photographed this weekend so that they can all be up on Etsy by sometime next week.


I was also finally able to purchase some much needed toolery from Ornamentea-

I got a jeweler’s saw which will be great for working on some of the tin boxes I’ve recently gotten,


I also got a nice pair of magnifying goggles so that I can actually see what I’m doing,


and I got a good respirator so that I don’t die from the fumes and dust I’ve been creating. Well the respirator came from Home Depot, but I had to work extra hard to find one with lovely “fuchsia” dust cartridges.



Finally, on a completely unrelated subject- I stumbled upon this shirt the other day on Etsy and think it must be about the coolest thing ever created- definitely have to have one.


Enjoy your weekend- M

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can You Say Score?

You know every now and again, you get lucky. I’m not talking lottery-type lucky because let’s be honest- if I were that lucky I could pay somebody to write this post for me -I’m just meaning I’ve come across some really good items as of late, and cannot wait to get started turning them into new pieces.

The first two things I’ve found are these awesome vintage compact cases:


They both are just oozing potential with all their openings and parts that move

Here they are disassembled-


This one is great because it has a piece that rotates a complete 360, and it has a wonderful clasp for closing the compact


This one, however, might just be the coolest shape I have ever found- it measures 2.5″ x 4″ which is perfect for a neck piece, and it has 2 doors that open, plus a nice recessed area in the top


I was also fortunate enough to find some good items this past weekend at the fleamarket:

The keys will make great clasps


And though this piece of antique celluloid would make a great centerpiece on a necklace, I think I’ll resell it in my shop.


Last but not least, what has to be my biggest stroke of luck of all- to be the Dad of a kid who looks great in striped pajamas.


Until next time-


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Storm Clouds and a New Home

I really love the loft where I live-did I say I really love it? Well, I do. From this height (on the 4th/top floor but up about 6 stories) you can see north almost to the Virginia border which is about 60 miles away. In the summer, especially in the evenings you have a great box seat to thunderstorms forming and moving east toward the coast, and the lightning displays can really be something.

For example:

This was a few weeks ago when a storm formed north of here; the storm cloud looks like something out of a renaissance painting.


It was catching the evening sun just right


These were taken back last spring


The lightning really put on a show that night


Then back in the early summer when a storm rolled through-literally. This was the craziest cloud I had ever seen-it stretched horizon to horizon, and actually “rolled” across the sky.


And finally a beautiful sunset from last fall


When we finally do move, I’m really going to miss this place; but I can hear the mountains calling, and sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway is something not to be missed.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Artfest Ft. Myers 2010

Just got a notice about Artfest Ft. Myers 2010 in the mail-


I checked out the website and application on line, and I have to say that this is probably one of the best put together shows I have seen in a while. They seem to really be interested in the comfort and success of the participating artists, which is often not the case with many shows. It is in Florida, so I’m not sure how that is going to work for us with a then 10 month old, but I’m going to apply anyway because it looks to good to pass up.

The application deadline is Sept. 16, and I encourage you to check it out if you are doing the show circuit. If you live in the area, maybe we’ll see you in February!


Monday, July 6, 2009

The Big Crafty

So as if I haven’t whined and complained enough about having so much to do before Bele Chere, my wife and I decided we would just add more to our plate by deciding to do The Big Crafty this weekend. It’s in Asheville as well (Oh Joy! 2 trips in 2 weeks, in a car, across the state, with a 3 month old!); I suppose we’re gluttons for punishment. Truthfully though, there is nothing I’d rather be doing than making art full-time while spending my days with my wife and son.


Anyway, if you are in the area this weekend, it’s a great show so maybe we’ll see you there!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Kingdom for a Canvas

Well actually, I’m stretching a large canvas for a friend as we speak, but more about that later. In the meantime, I’m beginning to think that the panels in my studio are multiplying on their own.


what I’m wondering is- why can’t all the art that goes on them be already finished as well? I figure I have about 16 days until I have to begin packing for Bele Chere, and I’ve come to the realization that with 350,000 people expected to attend, there is probably no way to make enough art.


Luckily I don’t get to stressed about these things, especially not now that Jeremia is here…


I mean seriously, who could be stressed when you have this cute mug to look at all day long-


and I am making progress- I just hope that I’m able to get to all the jewelry pieces I want to do.


If not I suppose I’ll survive, there is always the next show.


Saturday, July 4, 2009


As we celebrate our Nation’s birthday, I thought I would share some wonderfully patriotic images from the past. Both of these date from 1910-20.



Happy 4th!


Friday, July 3, 2009

Watermarks and Illuminations

I was fortunate enough to pick up some beautiful early 19th century receipts recently, and I was thinking of using them as pieces in my jewelry.


The details and penmanship are truly something to behold.


However, the paper is wonderfully thin, and I think my favorite part of these may actually be the watermarks.


I think I’ll scan them instead of sacrificing them for art, or perhaps I’ll use them in a lightbox.


What is a lightbox you say? Lightboxes are hand-built illuminated pieces of art that I have been making for about 15 years. What I love about them is the depth and layering the pieces have, something that isn’t quite the same on a piece on canvas or panel.


You can see a number of pieces I have created over the years here.


One other random thing-


this crow sat out on our windowsill yesterday for about 15 minutes, discussing the world situation with any other birds who would listen… then again, maybe he just liked having his picture taken.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mud Slinging

Literally. Went to the NC mountains this past weekend to visit with family, and ended up down at the river with my niece and nephew. We couldn’t go swimming because they didn’t have their bathing suits, but it’s not like that kept them from having fun.





The river is so nice this time of year even if the water is still really cold.

On the way home, I found a nice antique mall with a few necessities I thought I should pick up.


-a great ambrotype from the late 1850’s


-a nice antique bone brooch (this one will probably end up in my Etsy shop)


-a great old rouge to be transformed into a neckpiece


-and a nice petite tin which will be transformed as well

All in all, it was a great weekend, but now its back to it, Bele Chere is coming up in a little more than 3 weeks!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This post is just what it sounds like- complete randomness. Well, I suppose there must be some order as I chose all of these random things to share at the same time, which I guess would make them not so random.

First a cloud- yes, it's really just a cloud- I shot it the other day looking out my studio window. Something about the way it was catching the light, out there without any of its little cloud friends, just doing its thing. I suppose I relate.


This is a shot of my booth that the Handmade Market in May; I meant to share this the other day and completely forgot about it. It was a good show and is a lot of fun to do in general, especially the November holiday show.


I'm in the middle of preparing inventory for Bele Chere, and have started on another new piece of jewelry. Here is an early look at some of the basic parts. I'll try to do a full update of it soon.


And speaking of jewelry, Virtue Adrift is now up in my Etsy Shop if you'd like to stop by.


Be back soon.