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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Storm Clouds and a New Home

I really love the loft where I live-did I say I really love it? Well, I do. From this height (on the 4th/top floor but up about 6 stories) you can see north almost to the Virginia border which is about 60 miles away. In the summer, especially in the evenings you have a great box seat to thunderstorms forming and moving east toward the coast, and the lightning displays can really be something.

For example:

This was a few weeks ago when a storm formed north of here; the storm cloud looks like something out of a renaissance painting.


It was catching the evening sun just right


These were taken back last spring


The lightning really put on a show that night


Then back in the early summer when a storm rolled through-literally. This was the craziest cloud I had ever seen-it stretched horizon to horizon, and actually “rolled” across the sky.


And finally a beautiful sunset from last fall


When we finally do move, I’m really going to miss this place; but I can hear the mountains calling, and sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway is something not to be missed.


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