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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Change Of Pace...

Do you ever simply just need a change? I know from time to time I do-this is one of those times. I have been a mixed media artist for about 20 years. I mostly create paintings, and more recently have added photographic and Photoshopic elements to my work. However, the scale has pretty much remained the same-usually wall hung pieces on panel or canvas.

For me to continue growing as an artist, I've decided I need to get really drastic with my routine. With that in mind, I have begun exploring the idea of making found object jewelry. Yes, jewelry-something I hardly ever wear, aside from my wedding band that is, yet a medium with great potential and possibility. At the very least, I love the scale, and how the thought process of creating a piece of wearable art is very different from painting, photography, or even working in Photoshop. It truly is a nice change of pace...

To that end here are some new examples. Enjoy.

Pleasures of Memory- Found Object Brooch

Pleasures of Memory- Found Object Brooch

Time to Fly- Found Object Necklace


Time to Fly- Back Detail