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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This post is just what it sounds like- complete randomness. Well, I suppose there must be some order as I chose all of these random things to share at the same time, which I guess would make them not so random.

First a cloud- yes, it's really just a cloud- I shot it the other day looking out my studio window. Something about the way it was catching the light, out there without any of its little cloud friends, just doing its thing. I suppose I relate.


This is a shot of my booth that the Handmade Market in May; I meant to share this the other day and completely forgot about it. It was a good show and is a lot of fun to do in general, especially the November holiday show.


I'm in the middle of preparing inventory for Bele Chere, and have started on another new piece of jewelry. Here is an early look at some of the basic parts. I'll try to do a full update of it soon.


And speaking of jewelry, Virtue Adrift is now up in my Etsy Shop if you'd like to stop by.


Be back soon.


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